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Who is iAlethia?

iAlethia Worldwide was founded with the intent to provide Christian training materials to pastors and lay leaders in places where good theological content was scarce. The organization's model consisted of a hybrid approach that coupled a trainer with high-end technology for content delivery. While still maintaining a heavy emphasis on training, today iAlethia embraces a holistic approach to ministry by strategically partnering with Christian-based compassion ministries that demonstrate God's love while sharing the message of eternal salvation found in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

We seek small wins with lasting impact.

After working in over 20 countries, iAlethia's team knows that the mission field is a highly dynamic environment. Since the ever-changing landscape of the field can easily destroy long term goals, our approach is to seek small wins that will have a long-term impact. Our projects focus on three main areas: Biblical training, Compassion, and Empowerment. Within each of these main areas are numerous projects. More information can be found on our projects page. 

Biblical Training

Pastor training | Bible Distribution | Lay Leader Training | Biblical Counseling


Orphan & Widow Care | Human Trafficking Prevention | Medical Needs


Microfarms | Education | Trade (Skills) Training | Stores